Decades of Experience

Todd Sutton, owner and principle of Waste Sleuth & Associates, has over 25 years experience in the environmental field. All tolled, Waste Sleuth & Associates offers decades of experience at developing cost effect, intelligent, and environmentally- conscious programs and services.
Waste Sleuth & Associates specializes in, reuse, commercial recycling and waste prevention, composting / organic materials management, construction and demolition debris recycling, household and commercial hazardous waste management, and environmental auditing.

Crafting Smart Solutions

Waste Sleuth & Associates provides professional waste prevention, source reduction, sustainability, reuse, composting and recycling consultation and technical assistance to businesses, organizations and public agencies.
Waste Sleuth & Associates specializes in crafting smart solutions that save money and improve an organization’s environmental performance; solutions that focus on sustainability and resource efficiency – real time solutions for real world challenges.