Todd Sutton, aka The Waste Sleuth, specializes training and educational presentations. For over a quarter of a century Todd has been teaching others how to prevent and reduce waste of all types, how to reuse and recycle, and how to compost. The Waste Sleuth is able to take complex, confusing topics and issues and explain them in easy to understand ways. His knowledge, attention to detail, passion, and commitment to positive change is moving and inspirational.

The Waste Sleuth has several custom, professional presentations that are immediately available, say "off-the-shelf,” as well as the ability to produce custom presentations on specific topics and/or materials. Subjects include K-12 Recycling 101, Waste Prevention, Recycling and Reuse, Backyard Composting, Worm Composting, Watersheds and Pollution Prevention, and Water Conservation Essentials, Rain Barrels and Grey Water Systems.

Technical Assistance

The Waste Sleuth & Associates offers technical assistance services to businesses, organizations and public agencies. We provide professional waste prevention, sustainability, reuse, composting and recycling consultation. We specializes in engineering solutions that make sense environmentally and economically. We craft smart solutions – forward thinking solutions that save money, improve resource management and increase an organization’s environmental performance.