Expertise specializes in solid waste management with particular expertise in
business waste prevention, reuse, recycling, sustainability and energy, hazardous
wastes, construction and demolition debris, and composting. provides
research, analysis, and market development services, training, web content
development, and educational and outreach campaigns for businesses, institutions, local
and regional governments.

Technical Assistance offers technical assistance services to businesses, organizations and
public agencies. We provide professional zero waste, sustainability, reuse, composting
and recycling consultation. specializes in engineering solutions that
make sense environmentally and economically. We craft smart solutions that focus on
zero waste, sustainability and resource efficiency – forward thinking solutions that save
money and improve resource management and increase an organization’s
environmental performance.


  • Sustainability & Zero Waste Programs
  • Reuse& Recycling Presentations
  • Training& Education Services
  • LEED& Recycling Audits
  • Market Research& Technical Assistance
  • Multi-Media Outreach Campaigns
  • Composting / Organic Materials Management

Creating Solutions with Benefits

  • Reduce Disposal Costs
  • Conserve Resources
  • Improve Environmental Image
  • Expand Materials Recycled
  • Increase Materials Reuse
  • Improve Materials Management
  • Prevent Waste
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