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SWMPs/Zero Waste Plans

In recent years, more progressive local governments have undertaken Zero Waste Plans and Sustainability Plans, which in both cases apply more aggressive and progressive thinking to the traditional SWMP.

Cost/Rate Studies

We offer experienced private sector and public sector financial management staff to help you design financially self-sustaining waste management programs, calculate full costs, and establish fair and defensible rates.


We help local governments, institutions, and commercial generators both large and small to establish industry-appropriate technical specifications and to intelligently procure services in local, regional, and national markets.

Waste Audits

Whether your business or institution is looking to save money, increase its recycling rate, reduce its carbon footprint, or all of the above, a waste and recycling audit can provide numerous benefits.

Recycling Container Monitoring Program

Curbside recycling programs are, first and foremost, providers of a specialized feedstock for industrial plants that recover clean commodities for resale into the manufacturing chain.

Material Stream Characterization

The value of the nation's waste stream has been estimated in billions of dollars, and its uses include supplying recyclables to a variety of end markets, energy for homes and businesses, and composts and soils for a variety of uses.


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